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When does your Car need Oil Change?

When does your Car need Oil Change?

An oil change at regular intervals is highly essential. It is required to keep the engine in good shape as well as for better performance on the road. The life of the engine also gets extended. There is a proper procedure to change the oil. We do it as per the automobile engineering principle. Our experts at Don’s Auto Repair (323) 254-2844 provide the best oil change in Los Angeles. We use genuine and branded oil.

To change the oil, either you should follow the instructions as per the car manufacturer. Or else if you observe indications such as engine noise and oil smell inside the car, then immediately reach our service center. However, the car in prior informs you by turning on the oil change light. At least, once a month, you can check the engine oil yourself. If you identify dark or dirty oil, it’s time for an oil change.

When you come for an oil change at Don’s Auto Repair (323) 254-2844, Los Angeles our mechanics will do it promptly. Our expert will identify any other mechanical issue. Thus, you would come to be aware of other issues with your car. We will suggest what needs to be done. Agreed, we will perform the repairing service then and there.


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