What Happens When You Ignore Your Manufacturer Suggested Maintenance Schedule

It is such an important thing to ensure that you stick to your Manufacturer Suggested Maintenance Schedule (MSMS). There is an array of issues that you could cause by refusing to stick to your car’s schedule. Cars need to be maintained, here is a list of things that could go wrong if you decide not to stick to your MSMS.

Escalation In Repair Costs

It’s like an untreated wound cut that may have healed in a few days but takes two weeks due to an infection. The same for an automobile, if you put off obtaining certain car repairs, you’ll likely pay more when you urgently need a car repair.

More Money Spent On Gas

Not only are you paying higher prices to get your car serviced, you are paying more money for gas at the gas station. This is due to the fact that if your car is not running smoothly because of aged oil and worn out spark plugs, your car won’t run efficiently. This also negatively affects the environment.

Being Unsafe On the Road

This may seem obvious, however, it may slip peoples’ minds. If you don’t stick to your MSMS, you run a much higher risk on the road. This is because car parts that were reliable before, no longer are. The simple wear and tear from before, now puts your life, and the lives of others at risk. You do not only negatively impact yourself, but others around you too.

Lifespan Decreases

What will also occur is that your car won’t be able to run for as long as it could if you ignore your MSMS. There is a massive knock-on effect on your car when choosing not to service it at the appropriate time. Therefore, you are sacrificing your safety for short-term gain.

You Could Get Less For Your Car When Looking To Sell

If you want to sell your automobile but haven’t stuck to your MSMS, you probably won’t get much money for your poorly conditioned car. We all know that cars depreciate the moment you drive them out of the dealership, but their value will plummet if you don’t service them. For further information on our Auto Repair Services, call Don’s Auto Repair in Los Angeles, CA, at 323-254-2844.

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