Vehicle Engine Care Tips

Vehicle Engine Care Tips

The engine is the mainstay of a vehicle to keep it running efficiently with great performance.
Hence, you need to understand certain engine care tips. The prominent aspects in this regard are
engine oil, engine coolant level, brake fluid level, washer fluid level and power steering fluid.

Let us have a brief on all these concerning vehicle engine care in the following.
Engine Oil:

● Ensure the vehicle to be on a flat surface
● Start the engine and ensure it gets the normal operating temperature
● Pull out the dipstick, clean it and re-insert properly

Engine Coolant Level:
● Do not remove the radiator cap while the engine is in operational
● Ensure the range of coolant level between F(Max) and L(Min)
● Bring the engine coolant level to F(Max) if it is low

Brake Fluid Level:
● Keep the vehicle on a flat surface
● Ensure the level of brake and clutch fluid to remain between F(Max) and L(Min)
● Contact professional authorized shop in case you find low brake efficiency

Washer Fluid Level:
● Ensure the windshield washer fluid container having a translucent liquid
● Avoid adding detergent of any solvent in the windshield washing water

Similarly, there are certain tips related to power steering fluid. We help vehicle owners in
maintaining all these above-mentioned engine technicalities. For more information, do not hesitate to contact our
experts at Don’s Auto Repair (323) 254-2844 for the best car mechanic shop in Los Angeles.

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