Significance and Steps of Car Oil Change

Significance and Steps of Car Oil Change

Cars do require oil change at regular intervals. The advantages are prolonging the car’s life and better engine performance. Otherwise, friction gets created among the moving parts of the engine due to dirty oil. As a result, overheating takes place and mileage gets reduced. The wise decision is to change the car oil by a trained mechanic like we have at the best oil change Los Angeles. Our mechanics use new oil, filter, clean rags, and wrench  among others for the oil change service. Let us have a brief on the oil change procedure in steps followed by our professionals:

  • Removal of old oil
  • Installation of new filter
  • Pouring in new oil

It appears so simple for oil change in cars. However, a lot of effort goes into it. It starts with opening the oil lid by using the wrench. Then, the oil is allowed to drip out. Once the old oil is drained out, then the new filter is installed in a manner for proper pouring of oil. Subsequently, our mechanics use a funnel to pour the new engine oil up to the capacity level. The entire process is carried out by the mechanics under the supervision of a professional automobile engineer at the disposal of auto repair Los Angeles.

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