Should You Worry About How Hot Your Engine Is?

The answer is: of course. Every car owner should be very concerned about it. An overheated car engine can cause several dangerous factors to internal and external parts of any car. In some cases, if an overheated car is driven, even a short distance of driving can damage the engine block, the cylinder head, and even some internal parts.

Every iron, steel and internal engine part will either literally melt or seize up if the water heater is too high. Also, this may become dangerous to other parts such as the pistons, crankshaft, connecting rods, valves, and cylinders.

Some Do’s and Don’ts

● When your car gets overheated, do not open the hood instantly because the overheated hood can burn your hands. Wait for a while to get the car cool down.
● When you open the hood, check the level of coolant level both in the reservoir tank and the radiator.
● Then, twist the radiator cap off with the support of any towel, and wait for a while to open the radiator cap because of avoiding extreme hot steam from the radiator.
● Once you opened the cap, check both the lower and upper radiator hose to know whether the heater hoses have not been disconnected, blocked and burst.
● Switch on the car to check whether the radiator fan is running or not.
● In order to make a car’s engine properly cooled, simply add the suitable and sufficient amount of antifreeze coolant or distilled water.

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