Select A Good Car Battery And Go The Extra Mile

With the aim of ensuring that the electronics work correctly, the engine functions work properly, and the accessories work without any problem; it is highly important that you buy a good car battery with the highest quality. Nevertheless, it is not a piece of cake to purchase a good car battery. Hence, follow these parameters when you purchase a car battery.


As car batteries are available in a wide range of sizes. An incorrect battery size may cause more damages to your car. Consult with Don’s Auto Repair from the Car Battery Repairs in Los Angeles to find out the correct battery size that can fit into your car battery tray.

Battery Freshness

Battery freshness is mentioned by a code with a number and letter. Therefore, never purchase a car battery that is older than six months from the manufacturing date.

Reserve Capacity

With a high Reserve Capacity, critical situations such as alternator failure, a noncompliant engine and accidentally leaving lights on.


It is very important to consider warranties and select a car battery with an adequate period of free replacement. Warranty periods are evaluated by a figure connecting the prorated period and the free replacement period.

When you buy a battery, ensure whether the current battery expired or not. Probably, the electrical system of your car might have caused a problem. Before buying a new one, check the entire electrical system of your car. Check whether cranking voltage with more than 9.8 volts and the alternator charging voltage to be between 13.8V – 14.5V are across the battery terminal.

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