Let Your Vehicle Say ‘I am good for winter’

Are you aware of protecting your vehicle from the snow, sleet, and ice?

The initial time of winter reminded us in December with snowing and frosty air and it is increasing more and more in January; since the coldest month of Los Angeles is January. Whether wild winds, heavy cold rains or thrilling coldness February is the logic descendant of the previous two months during the winter.

During that time, you should make your vehicle gear up for a better journey if you want to protect your beloved. Sometimes, a journey can be a turning point in your life or it may be off the hook. You should get prepared with a quick list of items such as road flares, a flashlight, a few blankets, a first-aid kit, a few extra pairs of gloves, some high-energy snacks and an extra ice scraper, and kick-start the winter with just a few simple steps given below.

● Get your car serviced to challenge the winter.
● Check the quality of the car battery.
● Top the car up with the appropriate coolant.
● Check the condition of your tires.
● Make sure that all the indicators, lights and rear reflectors are clean.
● Wash your wipers and windscreen.
● Carry a breakdown kit with a torch, shovel, hi-visibility vest, blanket, and screen-wash.
● Ensure whether the drive belt is tight.

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