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Know About Tires

Are you crazy about driving your car ? Then, this is tire blog is for you!

Wide and Thin Tires :-

Wide and thin tires are two choices that can be applicable to your automobile. Tires that are wide are used for better performance and handling, which has been a trend, but now it is starting to change. Consumers are preferring the thinner tires which offers a better resistance and it helps in fuel economy. The tire engineers are now making the changes by designing thinner tires with a more durable tread formulation.

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Static Electricity:-

The Static electricity is one of the main concerns with the vehicles. To overcome this issue, many tires are now designed with an “antenna strip” providing a positive electrical contact between tire and the pavement.

Tire Weight:-

The tire manufacturers are also now focusing on the weight of their products. It is ideal that a heavier tire has no change, whereas the light tire has the lower rolling resistance.

Modern Tires :-

The modern tires of today are being constructed with rubber, nylon, steel and synthetic fiber. They are also using cobalt and titanium to bond the rubber to the steel belts.

Airless Tires:-

Now, its time to keep an eye on the airless tires. These are already in use with the industrial vehicles. It is now nearing the market phase of the cars, trucks and Rv’s. These tires are shaped in a honey comb style which carries the vehicle weight and maintains the rigidity.

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