Is your Car ready to move After Lockdown

Is your Car ready to move After Lockdown

The ongoing pandemic has put us in a lockdown situation. People are staying at home. So is the condition of vehicles. Unless and until any such emergency need arises, nobody is seen moving with their vehicles as before COVID-19 situation. Now the obvious question is whether your car is ready to move again once the lockdown period ends.  It is known that if a vehicle without movement remains at one place, it is subjected to either repair or issues in performance. If your car is remaining idle at your place, then you must adhere to certain maintenance tips. Our experts at Don’s Auto Repair Inc provides car repair services Los Angeles provide suggestive tips in this regard:

  • Adding fuel stabilizer and preservative like fueling a vehicle
  • Filling the gas tank to minimize condensation
  • Driving the car for certain miles to ensure the circulation of stabilized fuel
  • Keeping the battery terminals clean
  • Using a battery tender to keep the batter in full charge
  • Adding additional psi of pressure
  • Making oil change if it is due, etc.

Out of the above, some tips you can do it yourself. However, it requires the service of a professional mechanic. It is obvious that you might not reach a car repair service centre due to the ongoing lockdown situation. However, we will reach you provided you contact us at Don’s Auto Repair Inc for the best car mechanic shop in Los Angeles.

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