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True Story… My wife’s car got hit on the front hood the other day by my neighbor’s Truck and not only did we hear the crash, but we also heard what seemed as a gas leak coming out of the hood. (Neighbor Paid Of Course) Well, we took it to the Body Shop and they fixed the damaged hood, but, we also noticed the Air Conditioning was not working anymore. (The adventure starts of what is going on with the Air Conditioning). Of course we have no clue how an Air Conditioning Unit works

In other words, the Body Shop guy did not do a good job fixing the whole problem. Although, our Auto Shop honestly told us what was the issue. They fixed the Latch and replaced the Condenser

Below is a visual how the AC works..

Now, as you can see, unless you worked at a Mechanic Shop, or you received some kind of training in Auto Mechanics. Then, you will know exactly where the issue would be if you were having Air Conditioning problems. Unfortunately, many of the do-it-yourself individuals; ends up damaging their Air Conditioning for the lack of proper knowledge. The best option for you is to take it to an expert.

On the diagram, the Air Conditioning has 5 components: Compressor, Condenser, Fan, Dryer, Expansion Valve, Evaporator and Blower. And if you are having issues of Hot Air coming out of you Air Conditioning; then again, I would strongly suggest taking to an Expert and get it fixed before the summer hits.

Joshua Erazo
Content Manager
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