How To Know When You Need a Suspension Repair

Susoension Repair

The suspension system of an automobile keeps it on the road and prevents it from rolling over. A car’s suspension system ensures a smooth and stable ride. This is a vital aspect of road safety. If you think your automobile may need suspension repair, check the indicators below.

1. When Your Ride Is Bumpy

The suspension absorbs road bumps and guarantees a smooth ride. Think of a horse carriage back in the 1800’s there was no suspension system there. As a result of this, journeys must have been extremely uncomfortable. If your ride is bumpy and you have trouble turning, your suspension may need repair.

2. Steering Is Difficult

It may start to feel like you are drifting when driving your car, or you hear noises when turning. You may also find that you find it difficult to steer at very slow speeds. This is all definitely a sign that you need to get your suspension system looked at, and probably changed.

3. Your Car Pulls To One Side When Driving

If you are driving and you find yourself turning against the steering wheel in order to stay on the road safely, it is more than likely that your suspension system needs to be repaired. Granted, not all roads are completely smooth, but you should not need to turn against the steering wheel.

4. An Uneven Tire Tread

If your tires are undergoing irregular wear, this may be due to a suspension issue. When your car’s suspension is not aligned, your tires won’t be aligned either. This may also add uneven pressure on your tires, ultimately detracting from the safety of your journey.

Keep an eye out for oil leaks underneath your car. If there are any oil leaks, it may be due to your shocks and struts not working properly. It is important to get your car looked at if this is happening.

6. The Car Dips When Stopping

If your car dives forward when you brake, your suspension may need attention. This affects your car’s braking time, which is unsafe. When a car’s suspension isn’t working properly, its stop time increases by 20%. If your car has one, or a handful of these issues, it would be wise to get your car looked at by professionals in order to keep you safe on the road. For further information on our Auto Repair Services, call Don’s Auto Repair in Los Angeles, CA, at 323-254-2844.

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