How To Get More Power From Your Car With Four Affordable Upgrades

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Improve your car’s performance by upgrading key parts. You don’t have to spend a fortune—it all starts with a simple visit to Don’s Auto Repair.

1. Steering Rack Bushes

Steering rack bushes are rubber or polyurethane rings that go around the steering rack. They help isolate vibration and keep the steering rack in place. If they’re worn out, you’ll get a rough ride. The benefits of upgrading to new bushes are obvious: it’s cheaper than buying a whole new part for your car, plus it’ll make your car feel much smoother when driving.

2. Tire Upgrade

You can improve the performance of your car by changing the tires. If you have old tires, you will see a difference in handling, acceleration, and braking. Tires should be replaced when they are worn out. A good rule of thumb is to replace them in pairs or sets of four. Don’t just replace one tire at a time; if one is worn out, chances are that all four need replacing soon anyway because they’ve been worn down by uneven weight distribution. 

3. Performance Brake Pads

Your car’s brakes are the most important safety feature in your vehicle, and the majority of your braking power comes from the friction on your brake discs. If you want to improve the performance of your brake system, it’s time for an upgrade in these key components. Our mechanics will be able to get you set up with high-quality performance pads that will last longer than standard ones and deliver better stopping power at lower temperatures (which means more consistent braking).

4. Throttle Body Adjustment

The throttle body is a small part that works with your engine to regulate airflow. The throttle body is responsible for controlling the amount of gas that goes into your engine and controls how much power you can get out of it. By adjusting the throttle body, you can change how much air enters your engine and thus increase or decrease its power output. It is essential to keep it working properly by ensuring that everything is set up correctly before driving to any long distance trips.

Upgrading your car is not as hard as you think, and worth the small investment.

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