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How to Drive in Flooded Roads?

How to Drive in Flooded Roads?

Commuters have their share of woes in travelling during monsoon. The same is the case for people commuting in their cars for their respective decisions. Navigating the water-logged streets is really an issue. Here we at car breakdown service would like to give some tips that would assist in surviving the rain season.

The first tip is to avoid driving in stagnant pools of water. If you own a SUV, it might be advantageous to drive. However, you must know that driving more than half-a-foot of water is inviting repair service. Second tip is if you find yourself in a flooded road with your vehicle, then keep moving. But don’t resort to sudden acceleration or hard braking. Keeping a steady momentum is the need; otherwise water will creep in through the intake and exhaust part. Moreover, try to drive in a lower gear and keep the rev on a higher side.

Similarly, never restart the engine if your vehicle is already in the water logged area. If you do, there would be more pressure on the engine. Eventually, it could lead to a heavy repair. Another important observation in this regard is that people keep the engine running with air conditioning on, if they find themselves in a water logged area. As a consequence, carbon monoxide might seep inside the cabin which is very dangerous. You could get more tips like these if you get connected with our experts. On the other hand, if you have experienced any such situation and need rescue or vehicle repair, feel free to contact at car wheel alignment service in Los Angeles.


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