How to Drive in Flooded Roads?

How to Drive in Flooded Roads

Commuters face a number of challenges when traveling during the monsoon season. The same is true for people commuting in their cars to make their respective decisions. Navigating the water-logged streets is a real challenge. Here at Don’s Auto Repair car breakdown service, we’d like to share some rainy-day survival tips.

The first piece of advice is to avoid driving in puddles of water. It might be advantageous to drive if you own an SUV. You should be aware, however, that driving through more than a half-foot of water is an inviting repair service. The second piece of advice is to keep driving if you find yourself on a flooded road. However, don’t use hard braking or sudden acceleration. Water will enter through the intake and exhaust ports unless the momentum is maintained. Furthermore, try to drive in lower gear while keeping the revs high.

Also, never restart the engine if your car is already flooded. If you do, the engine will be stressed. It may necessitate costly repairs. In a waterlogged area, people keep the engine running and the air conditioning on. As a result, dangerous carbon monoxide may seep into the cabin. Contact our experts for more advice. If you have been in such a situation and need help or vehicle repair, contact Don’s Auto Repair in Los Angeles for car repair services.

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