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Car radiator replacement

What is a car radiator?

When the car is on and running, it generates a great amount of heat. This is expelled through the exhaust system. As this happens, some of the heat remains stagnant and stays on the engine area. The car’s radiator essentially helps to keep the engine cool. Your engine ends the moment the pistons and cylinders heat up and melt together. Having a hot enough engine may be good – but when the engine is too hot it may be harmful.


The whole combustion process is made effective when the fuel is converted to vapor quickly in the combustion chamber and less harmful emissions are released into the atmosphere. When the engine runs at the right temperature the lubricating oil is in perfect consistency and the parts turn over smoothly, it ensures a longer lifespan of the engine.

Common radiator problems that require your attention

Your car’s radiator can have some malfunctions depending on the heat and pressure contained in the cooling system:

  • Thermostat failure: When your vehicle overheats, the most common culprit for the issue is the thermostat. The thermostat is a valve controls the flow of coolant in and out of the radiator. The engine runs at its optimum temperature due to the thermostat. So, the car starts to overheat quickly when the thermostat fails.
  • The cooling system contains air: The flow of coolant is restricted when air is trapped within the cooling system. The air bubbles have to be released from the cooling system by having it bled.
  • Radiator leaks: Leaks in the radiator are difficult to locate and repair. These can be tricky though can still be patched. There are several causes of radiator leaks:
    • The radiator cap has broken and the pressure of the system is reduced when the cap is compromised. You should be able to detect a broken radiator cap with a simple visual inspection.
    • The reservoir that holds the coolant and water is overheated and cracked, which causes a loss of the coolant. This is a fairly easier and cheaper part to replace.
    • The water pump can fail due to gaskets and valves that breakdown over a period of time. This requires an experienced repair shop to rectify.
    • If there is an abnormal amount of moisture in the car or if the heater is not functioning properly then this is indicative of a faulty heater core.

When your car’s radiator starts giving you a problem and if you are not sure why this is happening, call Don’s Auto Repair at 323-254-2844 for a fix.

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