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As leading auto repair service providers, Don’s Auto provides superior car engine services in California. We service every vehicle depending on its past use and present condition.

What does a car’s engine do?
The engine contains some basic parts such as the spark plug, piston, piston rings, connecting rod, crankshaft, and sump. The cylinder forms the core of the engine where the piston moves up and down inside it.

Car Fact: Cars have more than one cylinder inside them while other smaller equipment such as lawn mowers may have only one.

Multi-cylinder engines are arranged either in a flat, V or inline position. Each of these arrangements has its own advantages.

What are the typical problems of a car engine and what are its symptoms?
There are some usual symptoms that a car’s faulty engine can exhibit:
Smoke emanates from the tailpipe
Oil consumption is more than usual
Tapping and knocking sounds are heard
Oil pressure and compression are low
The water and oil get mixed
Air enters the radiator or the air cleaner

Causes of car engine problems:

When there is a loss of coolant or the coolant levels are low due to a leak in the hose it could lead to engine overheating. The solution can escape the system even due to a weak radiator cap.

Engine failures are also caused by lubrication problems where the required oil flow between the moving parts is reduced resulting in heat. Worn oil pumps and excessive clearances can lead to low oil pressures that in turn result in a high mileage wear.

Oil starvation in the overhead cam engines due to the heavy viscosity of the oil (especially in cold seasons) and delay in oil arrival can seize the cam leading to engine problems.

Other reasons for engine failures (to name a few) are oil-fouled spark plugs, an accumulation of black wet deposits in the combustion chamber and intake valves, and worn out piston rings and cylinders.

Car Engine Services
Don’s Auto Repair performs a visual inspection of the components of the engine to diagnose the cause of the failure. We arrange to install new spark plugs, set the timing and idle, and perform a complete cleaning of the fuel system to repair it. We have a complete set of services that will restore and prolong the life of the car engine.

Reach out to Don’s at 323-254-2844 on all days for your car engine services.

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