Car Brake Repair Services in California

Don’s Auto Repair provides a complete range of brake repair services for both domestic and foreign vehicles. Check with our consultants keep a track of your car’s routine brake inspection and replace damaged parts.

Vehicle maintenance and repair issues can cost you a lot if they are ignored. For brake failures, it may result in drastic accidents. With some exceptions, it is possible to recognize whether a brake repair service is required or not.

Functionally, applying the brakes can either stop or slow down the vehicle. They are also one of the most important components of any transport system. It has to be composed of high-quality parts to work smoothly and efficiently.

There are of two types drum brakes and disk brakes.

The insides of the drum brakes are made up of metal shoes. The brakes are fitted in the form of a drum within the wheel and when the brake is applied the cylinder pushes the shoes out. This friction either slows down or stops the vehicle.

Disk brakes work with a disk or a rotor fitted inside the wheel. The brake pads are held with the help of a caliper on each of the disk and are squeezed against the rotor by the caliper as brakes are applied. The parts move due to the pressure from the fluid.

Contemporary vehicles have a combination of both. The drum brakes are placed on the rear, while the disk brakes are in the front.

Symptoms of faulty brakes:
There are many signs and symptoms to identify defective brakes.
A high-pitched squealing noise is one of the most common signs of an eventual brake failure
There is also a grinding noise along with a metallic scent, which materializes when the brakes are applied
The brake pedal feels spongy and sinks all the way down to the floor, which would otherwise be firm and stable under the driver’s foot
Some fluid is noticed on the floor of the vehicle
The vehicle pulls to the right or left, besides shaking and vibrating when the brakes are applied

All of the above are warning signs that your brakes need attention. Reach out to Don’s Auto for brake repair services in California.

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