Car Air-conditioning Repair Services

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Vehicle air conditioning – how does it work?
The air conditioning unit of a car works similar to that of a refrigerator. The only difference being, the air conditioning unit in the car is designed to expel heat from inside the car to the outside. Six major components of the air conditioning in the car are:
The refrigerant: Containing R-134a, the refrigerant is meant to carry heat.
The compressor: This component compresses the refrigerant within the car’s cooling system and circulates it.
Evaporator: Heat is transferred from the air blown into the refrigerant from the evaporator thus cooling the car.
The condenser: The heat is expelled from the car as the condenser converts the refrigerant to liquid from its gaseous form.
The orifice tube or expansion valve: This nozzle simultaneously drops the pressure of the refrigerant and atomizes it.
The dryer or receiver: It removes moisture and any other contaminants and filters the refrigerant and oil ensuring clean air.

Why does your vehicle’s air conditioner break down?
There are several reasons why a vehicle’s air conditioning system could break down or just stop blowing air the way it was doing before.
Freon is a type of refrigerant that is used in vehicles. When Freon diminishes, the vehicle will need a recharge. A performance check of the vehicle easily determines if the solution requires a refill.
A complete system evacuation and recharge is required, which means the refrigerant has to be removed, its impurities have to be extracted and a new level has to be added in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
There could also be a leak in the vehicle’s air conditioning. This could be caused by a small crack in the seal or a hole in the hose. Especially when the cold air is not flowing, it is indicative of a leak in the system.

Causes of weak airflow:
A weak air flow can lead to pain and discomfort within the confines of the car. The sweltering heat and sweat can be irritating. This is predominantly because of a weak air flow, which is in turn caused by:
Mold has accumulated into the evaporator
The blower hose has come loose
Ventilation fan is not blowing
The evaporator core case seals have opened up, diminishing the air flow

Don’s Auto Repair has licensed mechanics who provide air conditioning repair services in Los Angeles. Our auto repair shop specializes in car air conditioning repairs ranging from the smallest to the biggest tasks. We conduct performance checks, annual repairs and replace system components wherever required. Value-added services such as system fan level check, output temperature check, PSI pressure reading, belts and hoses inspection, compressor and blower fan examination and much more are also done by us.

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