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When do you need to repair your alternator?

When do you need to repair your alternator?

Don’s Auto Repair perform some of the best alternator repair and replacement services in California. Known for our home-based values and providing extended services to our customers, Don’s are a proven name in the automobile mechanics industry for several decades now.
Your car’s alternator could die with little or no warning at all. Every time you start your car, you rely on the starter. The engine jumpstarts when the flywheel spins as the starter takes power from the battery. The battery, in turn, gets its power from the alternator, which is subject to recharge on a continuous basis. When the alternator is worn out, it could lead to a dead battery.
How does the alternator work?
Located right above the engine, the battery draws power from the alternator and gets charged. This maintains the functionality of the car’s electrical systems and other devices attached to it. Where the battery is responsible for starting up the car, it is the alternator’s job to keep it running. Typically an alternator lasts anywhere between 6 to 7 years and between 80,000 about 100,000 miles. The prolonged performance of the alternator is dependent on several factors:
The part’s brand quality
Driving conditions of the car
The number of electronics being used inside the car

Symptoms of alternator failure:

Your alternator needs a repair or a replacement when you experience the following:

Starting trouble: If the car does not start easily and requires several turns then it could be indicative of an alternator wear out. The brushes are not touching the coil at all the points or it is a malfunction of the voltage regulator.

Accessory lights are dimmed out: The dome lights, headlights, and dash lights are dimmer than usual. When you press on the accelerator they can dim and brighten several times or can blink slowly.

The smell of burnt rubber: This is quite a common sign, but still does not occur very often. The belt on the alternator does not rotate freely on the pulleys causing friction and producing heat. When it gets really hot, it may start to smell like burnt rubber.

Besides the above, you will also find that the car’s battery seems to be dying intermittently, there is a grinding and whining noise and the dashboard also shows an alternator warning light.

If you see any of the above signs, visit Don’s Auto Repair immediately for an alternator testing. We use high-quality voltmeters to test them.


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  • Ashley Rosa
    January 8, 2018, 12:13 pm REPLY

    The alternator works with the battery to produce power for the electrical components of the vehicle such as interior & exterior lights and the instrument panel. Our car’s alternator would destroy with little or no warning at all. When we start our car we depend on the starter. The starter takes power from the battery, flywheel spins & the engine starts. As a result battery gets power from the alternator. When the alternator wears away the battery becomes dead. Alternator repair or replacement is needed when there is starting trouble in the car, accessory lights are deemed out or the belt of alternator smells like a burnt rubber. So when we want to repair or replace the alternator we should visit a <a href=””>good car servicing center</a>.

  • Martin Rossignol
    March 7, 2018, 12:50 pm REPLY

    The alternator gives power to the battery and continuously keep charging on battery and the car’s electrical systems, computers. when an alternator is about to die.It shows few warning signs. Identifying this warning sign and have it checked by a mechanic is necessary. Most common signs of a detroiting alternator is when the headlights start flashing at night, from dim to bright. A damage alternator may also cause your car radio or other electrical components to work occasionally, or cause a squealing noise in your car’s engine. For more information please visit

  • Josh Newman
    March 12, 2018, 2:03 pm REPLY

    I noticed that my car has been having a hard time starting up recently. I tried having my battery replaced, but that didn’t help. It makes sense that it might be the alternator! I’ll be sure to get a professional to take a look at it.

  • Zoe Plunkett
    August 20, 2018, 10:14 am REPLY

    The alternator plays an important role in the performance of the vehicle by generating the electrical energy required to run the vehicle. Driving a vehicle with a damaged alternator could be very dangerous. So, the condition of the alternator should be inspected at a regular interval like other components of the vehicle to prolong the lifespan of the vehicle. The appearance of the abnormal sign by such important components should not be underestimated. Have a look at

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