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Don’s Auto Repair service in Beverly Hills, CA provides the best automotive care for your vehicle. Whether it is a factory recommended visit, a routine change of oil or any other automobile repair requirement, experts at Don’s Auto will provide you with outstanding service.

If you are a new vehicle owner, or if you just want to keep yourself updated, here are some generic auto repair troubleshooting tips that can be handy.

The vehicle’s fuel filter should be replaced every 30,000 miles (approximately) for a dependable and hassle-free performance. With this the fuel pump lasts longer and helps you achieve a good mileage. If you possess an external and replaceable fuel filter, you can easily get a preventive maintenance.

Changing your brake fluid periodically is extremely important because this hygroscopic fluid has the capability of absorbing moisture from the air, which breaks it down, proving detrimental to the braking system. The reservoir is automatically depleted of brake fluid and leads to damage when the brakes are applied normally.

Vehicle overheating can be a serious problem if ignored. The engine could be seriously damaged. At this time, it is best to stop driving the car and call for professional help. Technicians at Don’s Auto Repair are experienced and know exactly how to handle overheated engines. Call us and we will be more than happy to diagnose and repair the problem. Besides, individuals should not attempt to check the fluid levels in the radiator all by themselves since it could burn you.

You may also have to flush the cooling system in your car regularly. This interesting fluid known as the coolant transfers the heat from the internal parts of the engine into the radiator thus keeping the engine from overheating. It is also responsible for blowing cold air from your car’s air conditioning. The anti-freeze coolant can be extremely corrosive and if left unattended for longer than 2 years, can erode the metal and rubber seals in your cooling system.

For any additional inquiries or questions you may have, call Don’s Auto Repair service in Beverly Hills, CA today.

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